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Q. Do you have a showroom? Are the pieces on your website ready to ship?

A. No, we do not have a showroom - all of our pieces are made-to-order. All items you see here were made specially for a valued customer and are shipped as soon as they are complete.

Q. Can you customize the wood species or dimensions of your existing designs?

A. Because all of our work is made-to-order, and as long as your preferred hardwood is available in our region we are happy to modify any of our existing designs to your exact specs.

Q. Which retailers stock your work?


A. All sales inquiries are handled directly through our website. Due to the nature of custom, made-to-order items, retail sales are pretty much out of the question!

Q. Can you provide me with progress pictures as you work on my custom order?

​A. Yes, we do our best to keep a client updated with work-in-progress shots.

Q. Can you make this <insert pic of mass produced furniture>?


A. The short answer is probably no, but the longer answer is why? If you are hoping we are able to compete on price with a mass-produced, foreign-made, furniture brand - I hate to disappoint, but the economy of scale makes this impossible. We prefer that you send pictures of different pieces to communicate your aesthetic preferences and then we can create something unique for you.

Q. Can you explain the process of commissioning a custom piece?

A. If you have ever scribbled a sketch for THAT one-off coffee table burning a hole in the back of your mind then we are here to help.  We are happy to meet up in our workshop/office, in your home, or via email, to discuss any potential custom design.

If you decide to proceed with a project, we require a 50% deposit at time of order.  The next 40% when your piece is finished and the remaining 10% when we deliver it to you.  If we are not delivering it to you we require the remaining 50% to be paid when we complete your piece.   ​Just keep in mind that a commissioned one-off piece obviously comes at a premium price point (refer to economy of scale comment above) Contact  for more information.

Q. Will my piece look just like the inspiration photo?

While the design will be an exact match, wood is a natural material. There will be variation, including knots, texture and grain and hue.

Q. How does the design process develop?

A. Ryan's initial design sketches will be worked up into a 3d computer model. We will render or sketch up the proposed design and create documents such as these. The 3d model is then fine-tuned in CAD to refine proportions, joints etc..... Then the serious fun (and the sawdust) starts to fly.​

Q. How long will it take to produce?

A. Once I have discussed the complexity of your individual piece I will give you a ballpark figure for delivery. This obviously varies from piece-to-piece and with our current workload.

Q. Is all your furniture made by hand or something?

A. All our work is crafted, assembled and finished by hand.

Q. Where is your furniture produced?

​A. All of our work is designed and made in our Brandon, MB workshop. Located on our acreage just north of Brandon near Forrest, MB.



Q. What wood species would you suggest?

​A. We use Canadian hardwoods available in our region. So we're not the maker for you if you want a piece made from bits of the Brazilian rain-forest or from imported Swedish particle-board. We believe that celebrating the best of Canadian woods is not only an aesthetic decision, but is also the right thing to do. Old-growth, tropical rain-forest logging is an unnecessary destructive process - I don't really want THAT sawdust on my hands. To find out more about available wood species visit my Wood 101 page.



Q. Can you refinish this piece of furniture I already own?

A. Unfortunately no. Try getting in touch with a local furniture re-finisher/repairer who specialize in that type of work. They are better suited and are experts in refinishing.

Q. Do you ship anywhere in Canada? Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes, we will ship to anywhere in the world (with full insurance).

Q. Does anyone read the whole way through FAQs?

A. There is a reasonable chance that you might be the first. Congratulations!

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