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Designed & Handmade. For You.

Based in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, Woodworks of Art is comprised of me, Ryan Wyshynski, and my patient wife Amanda. We design and create one-of-a-kind custom solid wood furniture and cabinetry. Dining tables, entertainment units, bedroom furniture, sideboards, coffee tables, fireplace surrounds and mantles, display units, and just about anything else.


We work with you from the initial idea stage, to the design, through to the finished product. All of my pieces are original designs and hand-made just for you. There are no sizing or style restrictions - we are here to listen to YOU, and together, create something beautiful that will be enjoyed for a lifetime and beyond.


I grew up in the city of Thompson located in the frozen north of Manitoba, Canada. In the summer of 1994, at the age of 16, I relocated with my family halfway around the world and I graduated high school in the beautiful city of Perth, Western Australia. After high school I enrolled in the Bachelor of Architecture program at the University of Western Australia. While I loved my studies in architecture, I was drawn to the smaller scale of furniture design. I was absolutely taken in by the furniture masterpieces created by the giants of architecture. Over the next three years at UWA I studied architecture and spent many weekends and evenings in the university's expansive woodworking shop, creating what I hoped would be featured in the next big exhibit at the Smithsonian. Well, the Smithsonian didn't call (not yet anyway...) but in 2002 when I returned to Canada, I brought an experience back with me that would guide the course of my career.


Fast forward to today. I have been involved in design, art, and woodworking (among other endeavors) for over 20 years. It has been a difficult journey at times, but I wouldn't trade the road that got me here for anything.

In 2021 my wife Amanda joined me full-time.  She brings not only another set of eyes to things, but practicality to our customers' pieces where my artistic mind may wander.  Don't be fooled into thinking that she just does office work.  Sure, she does, sometimes.  There are many jobs in the shop that she is hands on with.  She has taken quickly to many of them and personally enjoys planing and staining the most.


Every piece of furniture I design and we build has a place our hearts. We make one piece at a time and give it our full attention, starting with rough hardwood lumber and finishing with functional art.


We would be honored to create something that will have a special place in your heart and home.

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